Toshiba glasses-free 3D TV struggles in Japan

T3 Staff / News / Tue 8th Feb 2011 09:37 am

Glasses-free 3D might be the holy grail for many gadget fans. But it seems Japanese tech lovers are not so keen on Toshiba’s spanking new GL1 range, with disappointing sales figures suggesting punters aren’t quite ready to make the jump to three dimensions minus the specs.

The 20-inch GL1 shifted just 500 in its first month on Japanese shelves, while the positively postage-stamp sized 12-inch effort apparently sold even less. Tosh had hoped to sell 1,000 of each after they both launched back in December.

It’s perhaps no surprise. The 20-inch version costs a massive $2,860. Toshiba has admitted that size is also an issue, with the company’s Masaaki Osumi saying, “What the numbers say to me is that if you offer bigger sets, you get a better, more positive reaction.” That’s handy seeing as it unveiled 56 and 65-inch 3D glasses-free TVs at CES back in January.

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Via Bloomberg

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