Thank GAME it’s Friday

Guest / Features / Fri 23rd Sep 2011 13:46 pm

Yes! GAME TV is back to help you kick off your weekend in style!

That’s right, Phil and Ed have another video updating us on all things GAME, including the latest developments in the Amazing Sonic Quest, more Battle of the Clans footage and the latest hot deals.

Ed’s making progress with his mission to collect every Sonic title ever, but he’s not there yet so be sure to head here to check out what he needs and fling any games you have his way. You’ll receive a $50 GAME voucher and a copy of Sonic Generations when it’s released. That’s a sweet deal.

Also included in this week’s video is some new footage from GAME and Turtle Beach‘s hotly contested Battle of the Clans event. The finals are coming up so make sure you check out how it went down before the winners are crowned.

Plus, another title is named in GAME TV‘s most anticipated games of 2011. What is it this week? That would be telling. You’ll have to watch the video to find out but rest assured if you preorder the limited collector’s edition from GAME you’ll receive a special bonus!

So head into your local store this weekend for a great deal on the best new titles and exclusive preorder deals.

Game on!

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