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A couple of months ago T3 readers were offered the chance to drive the new Ford Focus Titanium for a week. Five lucky winners were chosen and this week we’ll be posting their video blogs online before announcing the winner of a $500 Westfield voucher next Monday.

Below you’ll find our first entrant Andrew’s thoughts on the car. Scroll down to watch his video blog.

Ford – Pushing the future of driving!

The definition of a car is “A self-propelled passenger vehicle that usually has four wheels and an internal-combustion engine, used for land transport”

Oh how far we have come!

I have been given an opportunity to drive Ford’s new Ford Focus Titanium; I must say I’m very impressed!

My brother and a friend of mine planned to go to QLD taking the less travelled road and venturing off the highway to go around some bends to test out the sport suspension of the car, but after one person pulled out, and a night out drinking gave my brother a terrible hangover, we decided the idea of driving long distances didn’t appeal so much!

We decided on the shorter distance of driving to Newcastle as the old Pacific Highway has some excellent turns and would give the car a more exhilarating drive then the highway.

Before I go into the drive I want to go through some of the features on the car:
~ Auto air control with passenger and driver control, (you can also use voice control to adjust the temp and fan speed!).
~ Voice control – this was very cool and fun to show off to people, you could control your phone, climate, radio, CD player.
~ Bluetooth phone for speaking to people and also could connect to the stereo and do playback! Very cool, especially when you have 4 people in the car who sync their phone to the car, you can select who has control over the music, I found this very cool!
~Auto sensing wind screen wipers.
~Auto headlights with one of my favourite features when turning a corner it would light up where you are turning so simple yet very handy!
~Active driving assist – letting the car do the cruise control and braking for you.

We are currently in the process of driving to Newcastle. We have driven along the old pacific highway and the car handles extremely well. It feels solid on the road! The engine a 2.0L turbo diesel was powerful; it was driving without any trouble around the corners and up hills. The turbo did have a spool time when in drive but when put in sports mode was much more fun when coming out of a corner it would spool very quickly and get the acceleration happening quicker.

We eventually got to Newcastle the drive along the highway was easy with the Active Driver Assist. Basically the way Active Drive Assist works is that it uses radar to measure the distance between the car in front and then can automatically brake and adjust speed to the setting you define, it also has an option as how much distance you want to have between the car in front.

The whole idea of having a car doing the braking for you is concerning at first so I had my foot hovering over the brake, yet from the whole week I tried this out it worked amazingly well. After adjusting the setting to get closer to the car in front, the car would make sure there was at least approx 2.5 to 3 seconds between you and the car.

There were some minor things that are a limitation of the technology, e.g. going around a corner can pick up the car in the other lane and will believe the car in front has slowed down as the distance is now on the wrong object this will then cause the car to brake slightly.

As the Active Driver Assist was keeping our speed we had no issues with the dozen cops getting people on the way to the rugby game in Newcastle.

We stopped at the beach in Newcastle and then decided to just head back to Sydney before the game ended.

The drive back we took the highway and made use of the driver assist function, it really shows how great it is to live on the forefront of technology being implemented as a useful, easy to use function in the car, I believe this will allow for even more advances in this technology in the future and I applaud Ford’s great work on implementing it into the vehicle so well!

The next trip we made included a trek out to Campbelltown, due to a small work errand my brother needed to sort out. Once completed it was back to driving, we drove along Appin road. The drive in the car is really very solid on the road and road noise is minimal. Even when driving on a road that could do with improvement.

We then got to Wollongong and found Parking sensors are useful too, when parking it has front and rear sensors and will beep as you get closer. The next more impressive part is reverse parallel parking i.e. street parking. You turn on the auto parking; drive past an open spot which the car will determine the length of the parking spot is sufficient, and then will advise it has found a spot, and to put the car in reverse.

The whole motion of letting a car park for you after such a long time of having to do it myself was a bit of challenge in letting the car do it for you, the driver can adjust the speed and braking of the car and it will turn the wheel accordingly, from all the times I had done this motion I could not believe how close to the kerb and how well it got between cars. The distance was usually more then what would be necessary if you were to do more than one motion to get into the park, but it was genuinely very well done! I think this would be very helpful to people that struggled with reverse parking. My brother and I also questioned how long it would be before they would allow this when getting your licence.

We then drove the coast road and went over the sea-cliff bridge with my brother taking some action shots of the car going over it, (cause it’s an awesome bridge) and then went driving through the national park, a much more fun drive then the old pacific highway, it was nicer to have lush green surrounding the car with the windows and sunroof open.

We got home and were satisfied with the car, as people who appreciate a car that can drive well, the car implemented all these features effectively and without ruining the driving experience.

Driving the car over the period of the week has made me feel confident in where the industry is heading with cars; the diesel was very economic providing at the very least 800km per tank and drove well, the spool of the turbo was something that needed to get used to, but was very effective in highway driving, the use of the built in radar and Active Cruise Control made highway driving less stressful being able to focus on the surrounds of the car more, while not needing to keep focus on your speed, so to you the reader I ask… Have you driven a Ford lately?

I am a T3 competition winner and received a Ford Focus from Ford Australia for a week long test drive.

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