Sony ‘sorry’ for PS Vita bugs

T3 Staff / News / Wed 21st Dec 2011 13:34 pm

Sony has apologised to early PlayStation Vita adopters after this weekend’s Japanese launch was blighted by a host of software bugs.

The company enjoyed a strong opening weekend of sales, but users have complained of a host of flaws, causing Sony to issue an immediate software fix.

Among the faults, shown off in videos users have uploaded to YouTube (see below), including unresponsive touchscreen and complete system freezes.

Other users have reported that the device cannot be shut down during online play and will not power up after it has been charging.

Sony has issued the statement apologising for the issues with the software update, which has been translated, badly, by Google Translate.

If you can make sense of this, it reads: “Currently, special office and information center PlayStation Vita, has gotten more inquiries contact usually by the time zone we call remained a difficult tie. Apologize for any inconvenience to customers, Sorry.

“PlayStation Vita some of the inquiries have been received about the PlayStation Vita, by you doing your handy and easy, some cases improved. So we offer a Q & A below, before submitting an inquiry, try you for your check, thank you.”

The PS Vita goes on sale in Australia on 23 February, so hopefully Sony can iron out the traditional teething problems before the console reaches these shores.

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