Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release tipped as iPhone 5 rival

T3 Staff / News / Thu 21st Jun 2012 12:33 pm

Further blurring the lines between smartphones and tablets, Samsung is rumoured to be preparing a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release.

With the Samsung Galaxy S3 now a thing of reality and a dominant force on the smartphone scene, attention has turned to Samsung’s next big smartphone release as Samsung Galaxy Note 2 rumours kick into action.

Tipped to further stretch the boundaries of what can be classed as a smartphone, new reports have suggested the surprise success of 2011 will see Samsung increase the 5.3-inch form factor for the Galaxy Note follow on with new technologies to be brought in to give the handset’s expansive display a certain amount of flexibility.

Citing “undisclosed industry sources,” the latest reports which come courtesy of MK Business News have suggested that “Samsung is in the midst of developing a large-screen smartphone model with displays exceeding five inches.” The reports went on to name the device as the “Samsung Galaxy Note 2.”

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Features

Whilst everything is still far from confirmed, the mooted Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is tipped to be the first handset to land boasting an unbreakable plane (UBP) display with the new, slimline screen acting “a precursor to the flexible display.”

With the new streamlined screen allowing Samsung to shave precious millimetres from the handset’s form, it is expected the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will sport an all new form factor with Google’s as yet unconfirmed Android 5.0 Jelly Bean operating system lining up alongside a possible S3 mimicking quad-core processor to give the device some added grunt.

Samsung Galaxy Note Release Date

Again a long way from being confirmed, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 rumour mill has suggested that the Korean manufacturer could use the S3 sibling to detract with the widely expected autumn Apple iPhone 5 release. As such, an early October Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release date is reportedly currently being pencilled into the diary.

Were you impressed enough by the Samsung Galaxy Note to desire a sequel? If so what would you like to see feature in such a handset? Let us know via the Australian T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

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  • Jinn

    iPhone 5 vs Samsung Note 2

    Smaller screen, less RAM, less cores, slower cores, no pressure sensitive stylus, no microSD support, non-removable battery and none of the S-features like Smart-stay, Direct Call, Smart Alert, S-beam, S-memo, Formula Match, etc.

    I Fail to see anything revolutionary in the iPhone 5.

    At best, the iPhone 5 will just be ordinary with the current rumoured specs.

    The Apple team got to really pull up their socks and come up with something truly extraordinary if they want to make a dent to the sales volume of the Note 2 this coming end of the year holiday season.

    Otherwise iPhone will quickly become irrelevant.

    This is clear as Apple have to rely more and more on injunctions, not innovations to compete with the likes of Galaxy S3, Tab and the Note 2.

    If the injunctions fails to stop the sales, Apple can always borrow Elop from Microsoft and send him to Seoul to be the next Samsung CEO.

    Maybe, just maybe the Koreans won’t notice where he’s been and done…he he he !

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